For anyone that has gone through the process of building a house, or is currently in the process, knows that there are a lot of things that you’ll need to think about. There are numerous decisions to be made and tips and suggestions from various sources to consider, to ultimately design a home that will complement your lifestyle. With everything that is going on, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with having to make more decisions and accidently overlook the small, yet important details. Don’t stress about it. We at BagCon Signature Homes are here to help you through the process!  

Here is a list of 10 items that we suggest you consider when building a custom home for you and your family!

  • Carefully Review Blue Prints of Your Home

The blue prints for your home are the road map that the general contractor and subcontractors will use when building your home. These plans tell them exactly how your home should be built, including all the little details as to which way a door should open, and where electrical outlets should be placed! Because your plans give instructions as to how your home should be constructed, it is imperative that you go over it carefully before you finish making all of your selections, to ensure that everything is exactly how you want it to be. Be sure that you know what all the little symbols on the plans mean, so that you have a complete understand of how each space will function. During this time, think about each space, and picture how you will be using it and if modifications are going to need to be made. If you are going to request modifications, now is the time to do so as it will save you time and money!

  • Placement of Switches and Electrical Outlets

Notice where electrical outlets and switches are going to be placed. Think about how they will be used—are there enough outlets to accommodate your Christmas tree? What about your large fish tank? Flat screen TV? Are you going to want a plug outside for Christmas lights? What about a switch to turn that plug on and off? Now is the chance to get as many plugs and switches as you want installed, so try to think of every possible scenario that might require a plug or switch!

  • Laundry Room Location

How close do you want your laundry room to the bedrooms? Do you want it on the same level of the home? Or would you prefer to have it hidden away in the basement? Is your laundry room going to double as a mudroom off the garage? What kind of storage are you going to want—cupboards, built in shelfs, or a combination of both? Where are you going to position your washer and dryer? Do you want to have the option of having a gas or electric dryer or do you only want one or the other? Are you going to want to have a space for your ironing board, or are you going to tuck it away and only pull it out when you need it? There are many options for designing a laundry room that will make doing laundry a little more enjoyable!

  • Larger Than Average Hallways

When you have hallways that are wider than the average 3-feet, you are creating an open feeling to your home. While it is nice to have wider hallways, it is important to remember that doing so comes with a tradeoff—wider hallways means that you sacrifice square footage somewhere else in your home.

  • Quality Plumbing

This might go without saying but ensuring that not only is your plumbing done right, but that your drains work properly as well is an important part of the building process. Talk to your builder about who the plumbing contractor is, and be sure to inspect the plumbing while the walls are still open. Address any concerns that you see with your builder, to ensure that the infrastructure of your home is done correctly, just how it should be!

  • Outside Outlets/Faucets/Hook Ups

When thinking about and designing your home, don’t forget to think about the outside as well. Think about features that you are going to want to have that will work with your lifestyle. Are you going to want outside plugs for extension cords, yard equipment, or Christmas lights? How many faucets are you going to want or need for water hoses? Do you do a lot of grilling outside? Maybe you should consider having a natural gas line installed on your back patio. Think about the various activities that you do outside, and what amenities will make it easier for you to enjoy those activities.

  • Ceiling Heights

Just as extra square footage can make your home feel bigger, so can ceiling heights. High ceilings allow for you to add in extra windows for natural light, while creating a spacious feel throughout. Just remember that when you have high ceilings, you’ll need to have a way to get up to clean, change light bulbs, and eventually paint!

  • Storage

Everyone says that they want a home with lots of storage, so here is your chance! Checkout the number of closets and cupboards that are located in your home. Consider options for places where you can add built-in shelving and bookcases, creating function storage. Not only are built-ins functional and great storage solutions, they also make a home feel more custom. Consider the square footage of walk-in closets, pantries, cold-storage, and linen storage. Do you need extra cupboards in the kitchen to accommodate your vast array of kitchen supplies? Are you going to want to have built-in window seats in the bedrooms to accommodate children’s toys?  

  • Prioritize

When you first starting out designing your custom home, make a list of your priorities—must-haves, really want, and would be nice. This allows for you to know where you are willing to compromise, and things that you will not compromise on. During this time think about what type of flooring you must have, and what you can live without. Also think about things that you can add in later if budget doesn’t allow for it right now.

  • Insulation

Make sure that your home is well insulated, and Energy Star rated. This will help to save you hundreds of dollars every year on utility costs. A home that is well insulated will keep your home cooler during the summer months, and warmer during winter months. In short, a well-insulated home equals cooler summers, warmer winters, and lower energy bills!

We hope that you have found this list to be helpful when considering what to include when building a house. If you are looking for a reliable builder who has helped families build their custom dream home, contact BagCon Signature Homes today! We can help you build the home of your dreams!